Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Declare to you "Drednaut". He captured his name that is cast in an old car jack that initiates his left upper thigh. Dred' stands at near six foot tall and weighs in somewhere around three hundred pounds. This is merely a guess deduced simply from trying to wheel him about :). He came to life on the floor of an old pole shed, as the three barn trolleys that elucidate his upper torso. They were aligned perfectly on the ground and the rest of his body streamed into my shop from every tin silo, chicken house, garage and now alternately used "hangar". He started as a World War II Army Officer, but soon laid forth his true nature. Sometimes I have them dead on true to form near the start. Then other times I'm not even close. I'm always given a vital organ in order to restore a breath of life into something once discarded. I shall go into further detail on Drednaut, at a later time, when I can stand in his midst and allow him to point himself out.